FDA Approved and Reimbursed by Medicare

The only 3,4, or 5 injection hyaluronic acid product produced from non-avian source material


  • Safe as saline placebo
  • Free of avian proteins – GenVisc® 850 is a bio-fermented product
  • Demonstrated safe for repeat injection cycles


  • Published in over 30 clinical studies
  • Over 50 million syringes distributed worldwide 


  • Provides significant pain relief with results that last
  • Demonstrated improvement in total WOMAC index up to 30 weeks post first injection cycle

Medicare Reimbursement

  • Flexible Dosing: approved for 5 injections per patient, but some patients see a benefit in as few as 3 injections 

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In a field where hyaluronic acids are often considered to be the same, GenVisc 850 is different because it has a unique reimbursement code and gives you the regimen options for you to decide what’s best for each individual patient. It’s you after all, that makes GenVisc 850 work.

Supporting Clinical Documents

GenVisc 850 (sold outside the U.S. as Adant) has been on the market in Japan since 1995 and in Europe since 1996. Since the time of its first marketing through 2015, over 47 million syringes have been distributed and over 8 million patients have received treatment without any major safety concerns related to the product based upon the recent Post-Marketing Surveillance Update Report. Adant is approved in 63 countries and has not been removed from any market due to safety concerns.

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